a sUMmERtIme mELodRAMa By nICK hALEY

jUNe  30 - aUgUSt 20

Everyone loved it so much we're bringing it back for the summer!  "Herbbits, Wizards & Borks! Oh My!" is another of the Pocket's infamous audience-participation, popcorn-tossing, comedy spoofs.  An affectionate satire of the Lord of the Rings books and movies done in our own Pocket Sandwich melodrama style. Follow our brave, albeit inept, band of wizards, elves and Herbbits as they try to destroy the Sable Impetus before the evil Dark Lord uses it for his nefarious plan. Will they succeed? Or will the big bad guy win for a change? Who knows?!  Wizards, magic and monsters populate this spoof of mythological fantasy.   Make your plans now, reservations strongly recommended!


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