Phantom of the Opera: The Melodrama

October 3 thru November 15


Another of the Pocket’s infamous audience-participation, popcorn-tossing, comedy spoofs, this time based on the classic horror novel of the famed “opera ghost”  by Gaston Leroux.  One of our favorite melodramas of the past 25 years, at least four movie versions have been made of the story, as well as several musical versions, the most well-known being the lavish production by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is quick to point out that our version is a lot less lavish, much funnier,  a whole lot cheaper, AND you get to throw popcorn at them!



Madame Valera: Hannah Brake

Raoul: Dustin Curry

Ratcatcher: Robby Dullnig

The Phantom: Kenneth Fulenwider

Madame Giry: Hilary Gregory-Allen

Gabriel: Ken Pursell

Meg Garnier: Danielle Roach

The Persian: Michael Roe

Firmin Richard: Jake Shanahan

Armand Moncharmin: Matt Stepan

Carlotta: Jasmine Zaro

Christine Daae: Kim Winnubst

Directed by Nick Haley

Asst Director: Michael Carl Speck

Costumer: Dusty Reasons

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Joey Dietz

Lighting Designer: Nikki DeShea

Stage Manager: Lauren Hearn

Stage Manager: Jared Seman

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