Nobody's Perfect


February 20 thru March 28


In the comedy, "Nobody's Perfect," Harriet Copeland, the head of a feminist publishing house, is running a competition to find new romantic fiction; their motto is 'For Women By Women'.  Eager to enter but to avoid this gender bias, Leonard Loftus submits his novel under a female pseudonym. So when "Lulabelle Latiffa" wins the first prize, you can just imagine all the hilarious chaos that ensues!  In high heels and lipstick our hero is caught in a hilarious dilemma of cross-dressing and cross-purposes.

Leonard: Nick Haley

Harriet: Kim Winnubst

Gus: Kenneth Fulenwider

DeeDee: Devon Rose


Directed by LisaAnne Haram

Asst Director: Phineas Bennett

Costumer: Stephanie Goudy

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Terrie Justus

Lighting Designer: Nikki DeShea

Stage Manager: Phineas Bennett

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