Herbbits, Wizards, and Borks...Oh My!

July 3 thru August 30


"Herbbits, Wizards & Borks! Oh My!" a new melodrama written by our own talented Mr. Nick Haley, is another of the Pocket's infamous audience-participation, popcorn-tossing, comedy spoofs.  An affectionate satire of the Lord of the Rings books and movies done in our own Pocket Sandwich melodrama style. Follow our brave, albeit inept, band of wizards, elves and Herbbits as they try to destroy the Sable Impetus before the evil Dark Lord uses it for his nefarious plan. Will they succeed? Or will the big bad guy win for a change? Who knows?! Wizards, magic and monsters populate this spoof of mythological fantasy.


Fido: Chris Sykes

Simon: Lauren Hearn

Plucky: Quinn Coffman

Mummer: Robert Long

Arena-Gorn: Shane Hamlin

Dumbledalf: Will Johnson

Gargamort: Michael Speck

Dark Lord: Austin Rucker

Bragamir: Joel Jenkins

Legsalot: Rachel Vitemb

Brennon: Monet Lerner

Weezy/Norman: Stephen Witkowicz

Hemrod: John Jones

Spider Bunny: Daniel White

Directed by Dennis Gw Millegan

Asst. Director: Nick Haley

Costumer: Shanna Gobin

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Terrie Justus

Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Vance

Fight Choreographer: Rhonda Durant

Stage Manager: Sarah Box

Herbbit Herder: Virgil Optic

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