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Always A Bridesmaid

May 22 thru June 20


In this hilarious comedic romp, four friends have sworn to keep the promise they made on the night of their Senior Prom: to be in each other's weddings ... no matter what.More than thirty years later, these Southern friends-for-life are still making "the long walk" for each other, determined to honor that vow. Libby Ruth, the hopeful romantic with the perfect marriage, believes - in spite of all evidence to the contrary - that her friends can find the very same happiness. Headstrong Deedra's "rock-solid" union hangs by a thread when she discovers her husband of many years has not only a wandering eye but the hands to match. Monette, flashy, high-spirited and self-involved, continues to test her friends' love and patience with all-too-frequent trips down the aisle. And salt-of-the-earth, tree-hugging Charlie discovers - the hard way - that marital bliss is not the end of her rainbow and panics in outrageous style when the opportunity presents itself

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Mary Tiner

Sheila Rose

Marci Fermier

Melissa Baker

Eileen Kennedy Alger

Angela Wyman


Directed by Dusty Reasons Thomas

Asst Director: Brandy Townshed

Costumer: Lindsey Humphries

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Terrie Justus

Lighting Designer: Nikki  DeShea

Stage Manager: Kolby Campbell

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