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Groom in Blue

April 3 thru May 16


"Laserfinger” is another of the Pocket's infamous audience-participation, popcorn-tossing, comedies and is a spoof of 1960s spy films, taking aim at James Bond flicks and featuring super spy Hardy Flynt, the world's most inept Master of Disguise.  We rate this show PG-13, contains adult innuendo. 



Hardy Flynt: Maxim Overton

Purity Steele: Abigail Ramsey

Cocoa Vandergeld: Sherry Etzel

Angelique Chevalier: Trista Wyly

Captain "Rondo" Thorn: Andrew Dillon

Lotte Innuendo: Jocelyn Everett

Johan: Michael Speck

Berger: Patrick Douglas

Franc: John Jones

Vandergeld: Joel Frapart

Zim: Sydney Daly

Zam: Jeanette Brashear

Zom: Lauren Hearn


Directed by Dennis Gw Millegan

Asst Director: Joe Porter

Costumer: Hilary Gregory-Allen

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Joey Dietz

Lighting Designer: TBA

Stage Manager: Quinn Coffman

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