Attack of the Killer Mutant Leeches

LeechesPOSTER.jpg 2014-11-25-12:29:16

January 2 thru February 14


Monstrous murderous mutants menace Muskeg County (whew!) in another of the Pocket’s infamous comedy-spoofs! Will popcorn rid us of these pesky critters or are we destined to be latched on to?!!


*Due to adult content and situations

we rate this melodrama PG13




Maxim Overton

Daniel White

Rachel Vitemb

Jeannette Brashear

Kevin Thrasher

Patrick Vincent

Bethany Brown

Shane Hamlin

William Johnson

Stephen Witkowicz

Bill Otstott

Directed by Daniel Baugh

Asst. Director: Fran Seman

Choreographer: Dennis GW Millegan

Costumer: Chris McGowan

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Joey Dietz

Lighting Designer: TBD

Stage Manager: DeWayne Blundell

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