Bride of Frankenstein: The Musical

August 28 thru September 26


"Bride of Frankenstein--the Musical" is an affectionate and campy musical spoof that honors and makes fun of all of the movies and plays about this well-known pair of mates.  It also combines a bit of historical content and begins and ends with the real-world story of the demise of Lord Byron.   Great songs, lots of laughs and silliness--but no popcorn to throw.   PG-13 for sexual innuendo and dark humor.



Benita Badje

Bill Otstott

Meredith Stowe

Stephen Witkowicz

Johanna Nchekwube

Evan Figg

Kathryn Baxter

Mary Campbell

Brent Bergin

Jeff Burleson



Directed by Rodney Dobbs

Musical Direction: Tim Hyman

Costumer: Benita Badje

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Sarah Box

Lighting Designer: Nikki DeShea

Stage Manager: Sarah Box


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