Jack the Ripper: The Monster of Whitechapel

October 2 thru November 14


“Jack the Ripper-Monster of Whitechapel,” written by Joe Dickinson, is another one of The Pocket’s infamous, popcorn-tossing melodramas as well as a clever comedy of terrors.  Bloody old Jack is back to terrorize London, complete with his razor sharp knife and wit, along with a basket of popcorn!  Rated PG-13, may scare the little ones.




Mrs. Dobbs - Charlie Armstrong

Office O'Connell - David Helms

Phillip Poole - Jake Shanahan

Polly Poole - Lauren Ashley Hearn

Ernestine Pankhurst - Hannah Brake

William, Duke of Clarence - Evan Figg

Dr. Forbes Winslow - James Wallace

Sir Charles Warren - Michael Roe

Angela Ellison - Quinn Coffman

Pegeen Laszlo McDougal - Kelly Moore Clarkson

Hogarth - Daniel Baugh

Annie Chapman - Rhonda Durant

Directed by Nick Haley

Asst Director: Michael Carl Speck

Costumer: Blair Hutchinson

Sound Designer: David HM Lambert

Set Designer: Rodney Dobbs

Properties: Joey Dietz

Lighting Designer: Jack Piland

Stage Manager: Jennifer Hague


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