A few details about our pre-production and onstage process of


The cast is fully distanced on stage, do not ever interact closely with each other, touch each other's props, microphones or on-stage items.  The cast and crew of "It's A Wonderful Life" are performing onstage without masks. The cast removes their masks as they walk on stage and put them back on again as soon as they exit the stage.


At all times backstage, the cast is fully masked and distanced in the dressing rooms and the backstage crew stays masked throughout the production. Also, everyone is questioned about their health, social interactions and temperature checked immediately upon entering the theatre. Personally, the cast is being very cognizant at home and staying within their own "family bubbles" and limiting any other outside interactions during the run of the show. 


Every microphone, chair, prop and microphone is disinfected before every production and covered in plastic overnight.


At any time, the cast may perform in masks, but plastic face shields will not be used as the 1940s replica microphones will not work with a barrier such as that.