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Pictures from our

first appearance on the Square!

Update:  As everyone probably already knows, it always takes longer for renovations and building than we hope it will.  The building of Pocket Sandwich Theatre in Carrollton has definitely not been an exception.  With economy and building issues causing delays we are now projecting August, 2022.  Believe me, we are as disappointed as you are. We want on that stage again so Hang Tight, the show will go on!  


For more than 41 years, Pocket Sandwich Theatre has entertained audiences with our unique blend of productions. We are famous for our popcorn-tossing melodramas, but we also excel in comedies, classics, an occasional drama or musical, live music, trivia, bingo, improv, and MORE.  There's a little bit of something for everyone. Check us out!

A little bit of bragging & bravado. 

In 2021 we were awarded Dallas Morning News'

awards in DFW for:
Gold- Best Live Theatre Venue
Silver- Best Comedy Club

Yet we remain humble.

We are deep into the remodel and renovation of our new space. Watch us as we carry on the Pocket legacy at our new location, "off Broadway", in historic downtown Carrollton!  We are hopeful for our first production soon (knock wood), we'll keep you posted!


Jeff, Brad, Shanon, Jim, Nick and Kim

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The aging Transylvanian bloodsucker has found new life in the Old West, and where else but Tombstone! He meets sweet young things, cowboys, Indians, and Frankenstein's daughter. Holy Vampire! It's guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!​


Alas, NO Popcorn Yet  (boo...hiss...)

We are very dedicated to the safety of staff, cast and patrons.  Thus, in the interest of continued public safety  we are not making or tossing popcorn quite yet.  We have a few other tricks and fun stuff up our sleeves. You're still guaranteed a grand 'ol time!