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Late Night at The Pocket, Comedy for Adults!

(This particular show, a murder mystery, has a PG-13 rating)

Friday & Saturday, July 26 & 27 @ 11:15 pm


Murder in Key West graphic.jpg

Late Night at The Pocket, Comedy for Adults! Doors open at 10:45 for seating, drinks & munchies. Show at 11:15. Tickets also available at the door but online tickets guarantee seating. 

Step into a world of mystery and intrigue with an Out of Pocket (OOP) production of "Murder in Key West". Join us for an unforgettable night where you, the audience, hold the key to solving a chilling murder mystery.

When Key West luminary Donny Dornell meets a gruesome end, suspicion falls on a colorful cast of characters with motives as diverse as the Florida Keys themselves. Is it the aging silver screen siren, Joan Crawlforth, desperate to protect her tarnished legacy? Perhaps her loyal butler, Max Tarbell, harbors secrets he'd kill to keep hidden. Could it be the eccentric dentist, Ess Andem, with a penchant for inflicting pain? Or maybe itinerant upholsterer Sofa Tucker, caught in a web of blackmail, saw murder as the only way out.

As Detective Morse Code and Officer Sally Keys lead the investigation, tensions rise and secrets unravel. In this campy yet suspenseful whodunit, the fate of the suspects lies in your hands. Every twist and turn brings you closer to uncovering the truth before the killer strikes again.

Don't miss your chance to become part of the action at "Murder in Key West". Tickets are just $15, but the memories of this thrilling evening will last way beyond the night.  Grab your tickets now and prepare for an interactive experience of a lifetime!

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