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The Legend of DeadEye Mary

*available in DVD or MP4

A Melodramatic Work of Excitement and Interest!  Written by Sean Freeman and Chris Irby, directed by Rachel Vitemb.  The year is 1878. "Deadeye Mary" is looking for the man who shot her pa and Felicity is looking for the subject of her next novel. Their fates become intertwined as they face off against outlaws, bounty hunters, and a crooked lawman in a desperate hunt for stolen gold. It's a popcorn-flinging western with a feminist twist! 

As this dastardly virus continues to TRY to defeat us, boo!!, we are busy thinking of new ways to both bring you the laughter and fun you've come to love and also pay the bills that are due even as we remain closed. Help support the arts with any one of several different levels, you choose, and receive an evening of fun from us!


One of our recent popular popcorn-tossers, “The Legend of Deadeye Mary”, was filmed during a live performance so you can join the crowd!  We double-checked to make sure it’s not the performance where Virgil Optic ran up onstage and mooned the audience. (We lost a lot of money on desserts that night.)  So, make some memories as you gather the family round on any night you choose, pop some corn and have a grande ‘ol time!  


We hope to open our doors again very soon and welcome you back for “the most fun you can have in a Dallas theatre!”


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