General Information

5400 E. MOCKINGBIRD, #119  DALLAS , TX 75206
BOX OFFICE: (214) 821-1860 ( 2 -  6 P.M. DAILY)


A Friendly Neighborhood Theatre, With Friends All Over...
Spend a night with us (And we will respect you in the morning)



We say that our place is “the most fun you can have in a Dallas theatre,” and we constantly strive to live up to that claim.  
Professional quality, locally produced theatrical shows are blended with good food, drink, and a friendly, casual atmosphere.  A place where you can relax while enjoying food, fun, friends, and the thrill of a live theatrical performance in an intimate setting where there isn’t a bad seat in the house (okay, okay - maybe a few bad seats).  We seat up to 140 at table, bar, and booth

seating, which is assigned on an as-you-arrive basis.  Special consideration is given to seat larger groups together, and for patrons with special physical needs.


Funkier than fancy, our storefront location is in the downstairs corner of the Mockingbird Central Plaza Shopping Center (right across the street from Dart-Mockingbird Station.)  We have adequate free parking, wheelchair accessibility, vegetarian plates and a smoke-free environment.  How’s that for political correctness?


Comedies, Melodramas, Musicals, and an occasional Drama thrown in just to keep us legitimate.  

We always try to select shows with a high audience entertainment factor so that you feel better when you leave than you did when you came in.  Our madcap, popcorn-throwing melodramas are favorites for audiences with our unique style spoofing your favorite heroes, villains and monsters.  Most of our shows are aimed at family audiences, but we’ll be the first to let you know when a show contains anything that might be objectionable for children.  Our Late Night shows,

on Friday and Saturday, are usually a little raunchier, but - hey - your kids shouldn’t be out that late anyhow.


  “Theatre-goers and practitioners alike can take heart in the knowledge that in the history of the world, there is no evidence of a single monument ever erected in memory of a critic.”- Alan Jay Lerner


Centrally located one block east of Central Expressway (Highway 75 N.) at 5400 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 119 (downstairs corner) of Mockingbird Central Plaza.


 MAIN STAGE SHOWS (The Plays) - Each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 P.M. with optional dinner service at 6:30 .  Sundays at 7 with optional dinner service at 5:30 .  $13-$35 depending on night and show.


 LATE NIGHT (Comedy Groups, Musical Groups, Strange Shows) Friday and Saturday nights at 11:15.  Limited food service available. 


 SPECIAL MAINSTAGE SHOWS (“To Get You Over The Hump” - Musical Acts, Comedy Troupes, Magic Acts, etc., outside performers that grace the Pocket stage,  are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at 7:30 or 8:00 , depending on how we feel that day.  Seating begins at 6:00-6:30 . Food and beverage service available.



MAIN STAGE:   Tickets $12.50 Thursday, $21.50 Friday, $27.50 Saturday, $16.50 Sunday. Seniors (60+) and juniors (12 and under) get two dollars off.  Please Note:  Musicals, New Year's Eve and Holiday performances are an exception.  Confirm your pricing when making your reservation.


 LATE NIGHT: $10 to $ 30, depending on the show. $12-$15 is the norm.


 SPECIAL MAINSTAGE: $10.00 to $45.00, depending on the show.  Usually no discounts available for

the Late Night or Buffalo Wednesday shows.



 Pocket and specialty sandwich plates, soups, salads, nachos, baked potatoes, pizza wraps, desserts, beer, wine, and soft drinks in a $3 to $9 price range.  Not gourmet, but tasty.  (Heck - even the

owners eat here.)




 House Buy-Outs
If you need the whole house (e.g., for a company party, wedding party, anniversary party, birthday party, or a just-for-the-heck-of-it party), we can probably make it fit your budget.  We can plan your meal from our menu, or arrange for a caterer to fit your tastes (if you don’t care for the taste of our menu).


 Hall Rental
Although we don’t have many of them, on an off-night, we can sometimes arrange for a business, club, or social meeting.  Luncheon meetings are a little easier, as long as we can boot you out before we have to get ready for an evening show.  These arrangements can include full or limited food and beverage service, use of our lighting and sound systems, etc.  Mondays through Fridays are available for rentals from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


 Check Us Out.  Doesn’t Cost Anything To Try.