The move and rebuild in Carrollton.
This page is a work in progress with more pictures coming!



Lower Greenville Avenue  Dallas, TX

2020 Covid marquee.JPG


Mockingbird Lane  Dallas, TX


THE GOAL 2022-never again

Historic Downtown Carrollton, TX

Exterior old.jpg

2 buildings  becoming 1 theater

22 0502 6.jpg

Removed dividing walls

of the 2 spaces

22 0610 Concrete 2.jpg

We're floored!

22 0616 PST1.jpg

Wall framing begins.

22 0509 Beams_edited.jpg

A GIANT steel beam to

hold up the ceilings

22 0616 pst4.jpg

The front of the building

22 0616 pst 7.jpg

July- finally starting to look like something.   On the left will be the seating levels. 

22 0706 4.jpg


"Out of Order"

22 0512 Beam 2_edited.jpg

Steel beam in place

22 0706 1.jpg

Our sign will be in that steel square out front.