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Dinner service closes at 7:30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 6:30 on Sunday.  Drinks and desserts are also served at intermissions. 

Sometimes we fudge a little, if we have time - check with your waitperson.  Please, no separate checks.



Premiere Nachos - A generous plate heaped with corn tortilla chips, two cheeses, sour cream, tomato  and  jalapenos.  Perfect as an appetizer or entrée.  Beef, Chicken or Veggie (with spinach & mushrooms)

Full order…$8.25     Half order…$7.00   Add guacamole for just $1.50

Crunchy Stuff - Tortilla Chips with: Salsa…$3.50   Guacamole & Salsa…$4.50   Mild Queso…$4.25   Spicy                   Beef Queso…$4.95   5-layer Queso - Spicy beef queso fortified with layers of guacamole, sour cream, tomato and jalapenos...$5.95, or an epic Pretzel basket with Queso dip…$4.00  

P.S.T. Namesake         


The Pocket Sandwich – Since 1980, dare to taste a legend! Served on delicious Pita bread.

         *Turkey or Corned Beef-  provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, and creamy Italian dressing or 

         *Grilled Chicken Pocket-  with strips of seasoned chicken, has the added “oomph” of guacamole. 

         *Taco Lover’s Pocket - seasoned beef, a blend of cheeses, sour cream, guacamole, romaine lettuce,               tomato and a side of chips & salsa. 

         *Vegetarian Showcase -  Fresh mushrooms and three cheeses with guacamole, sour cream, fresh                  spinach and tomato. 


*Toasted rye is also available. Pocket baskets are served with chips and a kosher pickle spear….$7.50


Critic's Choice


Reuben On Rye - Thinly sliced and layered lean corned beef with tangy sauerkraut, provolone cheese and

             a specialty brown mustard, or thousand island if you prefer,  toasted on rye to perfection. 

             It takes center stage…. $7.95

The Tur-ben – Formerly the Reuben’s understudy, this turkey cheddar melt on grilled rye has been                          wowing the audiences since its debut.  With an added layer of our own vinaigrette coleslaw, it’s                    now a star attraction!….$7.50 




La Pockizza Nostra - A pita pizza slathered with tangy marinara, loaded with your toppings of choice and rolled into a double-fistful of deeee-lish!  (“Slop, plop n’ roll,” per Virgil Optic.) Toasted crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside.  It’s a showstopper!  Served with chips and salsa.  Cheese….$6.25 Pepperoni or Veggie (spinach, mushrooms & tomato)….$6.75  Supreme (da Woiks, capice?)….$7.25

This Spud’s For You!  A plump but humble potato dolled-up with cheeses, chives, bacon bits and sour cream.  Served with your choice of soup or salad.  $7.25   Add mushrooms, spicy beef topping or grilled chicken for only 75¢.  

That’s A Wrap!   With each show we offer a different star-quality wrap, always as memorable as the show or person that inspired it.  Ingredients and recipes vary.  Ask your wait-star for the details and just maybe he or she will have studied their script and can tell you about it.



Soup Of The Night  -  Prepared fresh daily; delicious, whatever it is.  Priced nightly, ask your Server.

Dinner Salad  -  Mixed salad greens with diced tomato, cucumber and croutons….$3.50

Soup & Salad - The featured soup with a dinner salad.  A popular remedy for lighter appetites….$7.25

♪(One) Seasonal Sensation – And a  festive number it is!  Crisp assorted greens topped with grilled chicken, golden calimyrna fig, apple, red grapes and cranberries.  We sprinkle this marvelous melange with chopped nuts and feta cheese. Served with a cranberry pomegranate vinaigrette….$8.25


Dressings: Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Herbal Italian, Creamy Italian, or Ranch



Dessert Du Jour - That’s our fancy way of saying “Today’s Sweet Treat.”  Get it while it lasts!

        Check our menu  board or with your sweetheart of a server.  Prices vary.

Flavored Cheese Cake - Smile and say “Cheese-cake!”  We offer different choices each show and we

        think you’ll agree,  it’s some of the best in town.  Prices vary.

Fudge Brownie Sundae - (But also served Mondae through Saturdae.) A generous scoop of vanilla ice             cream topped with decadent brownie bits and a swirl of chocolate syrup…only $3.50

Root Beer Float - The “Elixir of the Ages”:  A hefty scoop of good ‘ol vanilla ice cream served with

        an all-natural, artisan Craft root beer.  Young and old alike will find this traditional, classic

        concoction simply satisfying!.... $3.95 ….Soda only $2.95.

PRODUCERS’ NOTE: We strive to serve you simple yet tasty food (within budgets - yours and ours).  We also strive to do it fast.  Notwithstanding the perspicuity of this humble gastric mission, feeding 150 guests from a kitchen smaller than yours-in under 90 minutes! – is no mere parlor trick.  Please accept our advance gratitude for your supportive patience.  In other words: Thank You, and You’re Welcome.


Soft Drinks:

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fruit Punch, Root Beer or Iced Tea - Plain, Sweet or

Flavor of the Month.  *Bottomless.  The glass, not the Server*….$3.00   Fresh brewed coffee….$2.50



On Tap:  Glass/Pitcher  Bud Light…$4.00 / $10.00, Ziegenbock….$4.00 / $10.00 

Hometown Hooch is a rotating troupe of beers born n’ brewed rightch’ere in the Metroplex and poured at the Pocket. Ask your server about tonight’s featured Local Libation and ticket price

Bottled: Domestic….$4.25   Specialties….$4.75


Sour Grapes:

Sangria Cooler:  Glass….$4.50     Pitcher ….$16.00    Wine Cooler, Flavor of the Day….$4.50

We also serve: 

Stone Cellars Merlot & Chardonnay, Canyon Road White Zinfandel, William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon,             Covey Run Riesling,and others. 

Champagne, too, for the classier folk !

For other offers and flavors please refer to wine cards or ask your server.


We Thank You For Supporting Small Theatre!

Joe (in spirit), Rodney, Jeff, Brad, Shanon, Tom and Jim


P.S.  Please tip well for quality service.  Orthotics and mood stabilizers don’t come cheap.

17% gratuitee added to parties of five or more. 

(Note: There are at least three misspelled words in this menu (Sundae & Tur-ben don’t count!)

  Find them and we’ll give you a nickel.

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