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Boo, hiss & throw popcorn at the aliens in:

Close Encounters of the Dirk Kind!

January 2 - February 13


Dirk Spatula, our hard-boiled, hapless, Film Noir detective is back in action! The hapless, hard-boiled Dirk Spatula -- who's battled zombies, vampires and werewolves in previous Pocket Sandwich Theatre productions -- is back! Coming out of retirement, Dirk finds himself on the hunt for a missing person from another world. That's right ... an alien. Now, hot on this alien's heels are Dirk, Penelope Pousse (Dirk's femme fatale du jour), the head of Area 51, a sexy Russian spy and more. This wild ride at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre in Dallas is filled with teleportation, voodoo, shape-shifting and even a werewolf. There's also a distinct chance of popcorn throwing a distinct possibility. Rated PG-13 for mild language and adult content.



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