March 14, 2020

By appointment 12 - 4 p.m.


A Musical by Scott A. Eckert


Death: The Musical is an award winning “play-within-a-musical”, having received Column and DFW Theater Critics award. ​The stage is set for a perfect evening of theater, until someone starts killing off the actors!  A classic (and hilarious) tale of secrets, betrayal and murder. 


Direction / Music Direction by Scott A. Eckert
Each actor plays two distinct characters. Vocal ranges and required accents as noted below. This is an original piece – exact vocal ranges may be tailored to the actors as needed.  Auditions will consist of singing and cold readings from the script. Please bring two 32 bar contrasting selections in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided.  ​If you have a headshot and a resume, please bring them.  Rehearsals begin April 18. "Death: The Musical" will open on May 15 with performances Thursday through Sunday evenings through June 13.  Actors are paid a stipend but you'll have the time of your life!  *Cast of Characters below.

The auditions are by appointment, which can be made by calling (214) 821-1860.  Or, if you build up courage at the last minute just show up and we'll work you in!   Auditions will be held at the theater, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane.  Dallas, TX  75206  214.821.1860


Stace Quirky and nervous. 40s. Alto w/ mix. Plays Clara, the maid. (RP / Lower Class British)

Janet Intelligent and level headed, 20s. Mezzo Soprano. Plays Perkins, the Police Constable. (RP, Irish)

Steven Sinister with a perverse sense of justice, 40s – 50s. Baritone. Plays Larkin Landsing, the husband. (RP)

Vivian Diva both offstage and on, 40s - 50s. Alto w/ belt. Plays Olivia Landsing, the wife. (RP)

Buddy 60+ character actor. Baritone. Plays Reginald Harpwing, the uncle. (RP)

Lindy Naïve and idealistic, 20s. Lyric Soprano. Plays Valerie Harpwing, the niece. (RP)

Derrick High strung and egotistical, 40s – 50s. Baritone. Plays Alex Demarco, the houseguest. (RP)

Carly Vivacious and vacuous, 20s. Mezzo / Alto with high mix. Plays Bambi Freelson, the assistant. (RP)

Jack A “try anything twice” character actor, 20s. 2nd Tenor. Plays Damon and Edgar, identical twins. (RP)

Kent Young leading man wanna-be. 20s. 2nd Tenor. Plays Gregory Pell, the American student.