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Our new stage is calling you!


The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is ready to start producing shows again. We are excited to announce the auditions scheduled for the first two shows at our new location in historic downtown Carrollton! We will open with one of our favorite popcorn-tossing melodramas "Dracula-the melodrama" by Joe Dickinson followed by our beloved annual Christmas musical, the 40th production of Ebenezer Scrooge, by Joe Dickinson and Laurie Tirmenstein.

"DRACULA-the melodrama", our first play and audition call,  is another of the Pocket's infamous audience-participation, popcorn-tossing, comedy spoofs, this time poking affectionate fun at Bram Stoker's classic vampire horror story.  The old bloodsucker faces garlic, stakes, popcorn, and his own razor sharp wit in one of our most popular melodramas. 


Auditions for Dracula will be held Saturday, September 17th from 1pm to 6pm and Sunday, September 18th from 1pm to 6pm at the "rehearsal hall", address below. There is a one hour break each day.  Click on Dracula or HERE to schedule an appointment. 

We'd love to sink our teeth into you!

 This production runs from October 14-November 12, 2022

The auditions will be at the theatre's new rehearsal space, 5 minutes from downtown:

1225 W. College Ave., Suite 416, Carrollton, TX 75006-3669,

two blocks west of Downtown Carrolton DART Rail Station.

Casting/role breakdown


*Count Dracula - A Vampie (30+, male, any ethnicity)

*Jonathan Harker - An English Solicitor (20's - 30's, male, any ethnicity)

*Arthur Holmwood - An English Gentleman (20's - 30's, male, any ethnicity)

*John Seward - Doctor in Charge of a Lunatic Asylum (30+, male

*Quincey Morris - An American Adventurer from Texas (20's - 30's, male, any ethnicity)

*Mrs. Westenra - An English Widow (40+, female, any ethnicity)

*Mina Murray - A School Mistress (20's - 30's, female, any ethnicity)

*Melissa - Mrs. Westenra's Niece (8-12, female, any ethnicity)

*Peter Hawkins - Head of a Firm of Solicitors (40+, male, any ethnicity)

*Dr. Van Helsing - A Dutch Physician and Student of the Arcane Arts & Sciences (40+, male, any ethnicity)

*Renfield - A Lunatic (30+, male, any ethnicity)

*Lady Maxine - Dracula's Vampiress - 18+, female, any ethnicity

*Lady Laverne - Dracula's Vampiress - 18+, female, any ethnicity

*Lady Patricia - Dracula's Vampiress - 18+, female, any ethnicity