January 4  from 1-4pm

January 5 from 11am - 2pm


A comedy thriller by  Robert Thomas, Jack Weinstock

& Willie Gilbert


Overflowing with mirth, this Broadway whodunit is exciting from beginning to end. Daniel Corban calls in the local police to investigate the sudden disappearance of his new bride while on their honeymoon. Enter a woman who insists over his protests that she is the missing wife. A local priest backs up her story. A funny man who owns a delicatessen gets added into the mix, and before he knows it, Corban is up to his neck in deception, suspense…and murder most foul!  This whodunnit is full of laughs and chills, twists and turns.

The director, Stephanie Jackson, is seeking seven actors ages late 20’s to 60’s. There are roles for five men and two women.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  If you have a headshot and a resume, please bring them.  Rehearsals begin immediately after casting  and will be held Saturday and Sunday day times and  Monday-Wednesday evenings.  "Catch Me If You Can" will open on February 21 with performances Thursday through Sunday evenings through March 21.  Actors are paid a stipend but you'll have the time of your life!

The auditions are by appointment, which can be made by calling (214) 821-1860.  Or, if you build up courage at the last minute just show up and we'll work you in!   Auditions will be held at the theater, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane.  Dallas, TX  75206



Cast of Characters:

Daniel Corban - 30's Male/male presenting -  a man with a history of a mental breakdown hanging over him on his honeymoon, he questions his own sanity while trying to convince the authorities that his wife has been murdered and he's going to be next. He goes from worried to manic as he struggles to get anyone to believe him. 


Inspector Levine - 30's+ male/male presenting - this tired small town detective just wants to find out who is lying and who is dead so he can get back to his normal country crimes


Father Kellehner - 40's+ male/male presenting - priest or con-man, either way this unassuming man is supportive of Elizabeth and just hoping to keep the peace and get as many donations for the "church" as possible. He remains calm and composed as the chaos around him unfolds. 


Elizabeth Corban - late 20's-30's female/female presenting - doting new wife or an imposter? She is composed, elegant, and always in charge, and just wants the best for her confused husband 


Sidney - 30's+ male/male presenting -  the local sandwich shop owner and business man who finds himself in the middle of a mystery and he is just looking for someone to appreciate his hard work and delicious food 


Mrs. Parker - 30's+ female/female presenting - the "wife" of Everett, she just wants to spend the weekend with him at his summer house and is confused by all the craziness that is happening around her


Everett Parker - 40's+ male/male presenting - Corban's boss and owner of the summer house who is expecting to spend a weekend away with his latest lady-friend and us not excited to be caught in the middle of any kind of investigation