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Monday, May 22 & Tuesday, May 23


Directed by Nick Haley

Auditions will be held from 7-10pm on Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23 at the theatre located at 1104 S Elm St, Carrollton, TX 75006, and will consist of cold readings  from sides of the script . This show will run Thursdays through Sundays from June 30 through August 12 with rehearsals beginning immediately following casting. 

Pocket Sandwich Theatre is looking for a diverse group of actors. Actors from historically underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to audition. Actors will be paid a stipend.


Another popcorn-throwing adventure, and a fan favorite, sails in this Summer! Captain Blood and his crew of ne'er-do-wells buckle their swashes in search of treasure on the high seas. Can anyone take the wind out of his sails of terror? Will this irate pirate send any and all who oppose him to Davy Jones's locker? Come audition to tread the "starboards" in this fun melodrama!


The role of Captain Blood has been precast.

Harry Halyard, The Hero (20s-30s/m)
Jack Sculler, An Officer In The Royal Navy (20-30s/m)
Sam Sculler, Jack's Father (40+/m)
Lorna Meadowsong, The Heroine, And Harry's Betrothed (20-30s/f)
Bess Cutter, A Piratess, And Member Of Blood's Crew (20-30s/f)
Will Wallit, The Innkeeper At The Goat And Boots (30+/any)
Clandester Hardbore, Blood's Second In Command (30+/m)
Jamaica Rummson, A Pirate By Accident (18+/any gender)
Perdition Wagstaff, Also A Pirate By Accident (18+/any gender)
Peter Waxend, A Reprehensible Leader Of A Press Gang (30+/m)
Abigail Woodfork, A Woman Who Can't Say No (18+/f)
Admiral Benjamin Prow, A Navy Legend, Now Somewhat Senile (40+/m)

Matthew Cross, Captain In The Royal Navy (30+/m)
Sir Roland Ragend, Special Emissary Of King Charles (40+/m)
Dorcas Wellborn, A Bawdy Tavern Wench (30+/f)
Floradell Ragend, Daughter of Sir Roland, Desperate For A Man (20s/f)
Oliver Sourjohn, Captain Cross's Irreverent Aide (20+/m)
Patience Clapsaddle, Earthy Owner Of The Twisted Eel (30+/f)

Sign up below!  Get up your nerve at the last minute?  Come on down!


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