Pocket Sandwich Theatre Has to Move

The year 2020 was the Pocket Sandwich Theater’s 40th anniversary. The hand-picked season of shows celebrating various aspects of our history was planned but these were all derailed by the Covid 19 pandemic. Then comes 2021. While the Pocket, like all other theaters, was struggling to survive the pandemic, the shopping center that had been our home for more than 31 years was sold. We met with the new owners and they informed us that we do not fit their vision for the future of the shopping center and we will need to vacate our theatrical home at the year's end.  We can't wait to see what that vision is.


This Christmas we will present Ebenezer Scrooge for the 39th time in our history and as the final production at our current location.  We are currently looking for other locations that would be suitable to convert into a dinner theater, conveniently located for our customers, and financially sustainable, hopefully in Dallas, possibly not. We will be announcing a new location as soon as a new place is identified and arrangements are formalized.


When theater artists work on a show for ten to twelve weeks—encouraging, inspiring, and challenging one another on stage—they create something that you cannot just walk away from at the end of a run. They create a family. As evidenced by the headshots adorning the walls of the Pocket, it’s a massive family. We cannot express enough gratitude to the members of this family for all they have done to help us through good and bad times and the commitment they express to moving forward with the Pocket. New Pocket partner Kim Winnubst noted “I have never felt more welcomed at a theater in Dallas than I have at the Pocket, either as a performer or an audience member. It is our goal to ensure everyone who steps through our doors feels that way. The Pocket has always been the most fun you can have in a Dallas theater, but it also has the most heart you will find at a Dallas theater.” Our loyal patrons and generations of attendees would agree.


Theater is meant to be transient; we create something that is meant to last for a moment in time. We do not yet know where we will be located for the next chapter of the Pocket Sandwich Theatre story. However, we remain confident that the story is not over. We want to continue to grow our outreach, audiences, and impact in the community. You will be the first to know when we know ourselves!  Thank you all.


We are thisclose to finalizing our new location and have high hopes to re-open by April 2022.  We will make an announcement the minute it's signed.  Thanks to everyone and hopeful for 2022!