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Pennies for Pocket

What started out as a lively conversation between two close friends, Joe Dickinson & Rodney Dobbs, in a small sandwich shop on lower Greenville Avenue over 40 years ago, became what we have all come to know and love as Pocket Sandwich Theatre. 


As always in the arts, especially as we are non-funded and totally self-reliant, we have had our share of ups and downs but managed to squeeze our way through, with a huge sigh of relief and high fives from our supportive staff and Pocket family. This time is not like those and frankly, we are fearful for the Pocket's survival. The Pocket has been hugely supportive to businesses and fundraisers in the DFW area and now it is our turn to reluctantly, gulp, ask for help.  


Do you have it in your heart and pocketbook to toss a coin to your friendly neighborhood popcorn flingers? 


As this dastardly virus continues to TRY to defeat us, boo!!, we are busy thinking of new ways to both bring you the laughter and fun you've come to love and also pay the rent and bills that are due even as we have opened to greatly reduced seating. Help support the arts! Your generous extra pennies (non-tax deductible) can help ensure there is still a Pocket Sandwich Theatre to return to. After this crisis is over what a party we'll have, you're invited! 


We greatly appreciate any help and also all good vibes sent our way.

Stay tuned for updates!! 

By Check to Pocket Sandwich Theatre

5400 E. Mockingbird Lane, #119

Dallas, TX  75206