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Pennies for Pocket

A dream that started as a lively conversation between two friends, Joe Dickinson and Rodney Dobbs, over 40 years ago in a little sandwich shop on lower Greenville​ became reality and a cult fixture in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Since then, through many tough, yet amazing times (ah, the joys of the arts!), we have struggled through.  


The hand-picked season of shows celebrating various aspects of our history was planned but these were all derailed by the Covid 19 pandemic.  While the Pocket, like all the other theaters, was struggling to survive the pandemic, the shopping center that had been our home for more than 30 years was sold.  Just as things seemed to be getting somewhat back to normal we met with the new owners and were informed that we do not fit their vision for the future of the shopping center and we needed to vacate our theatrical home of more than 30 years by the year's end. This Christmas we will present  Ebenezer Scrooge for the 39th time in our history and as the final production at our current location.

We are currently looking for other locations that would be suitable to convert into a dinner theater, conveniently located for our customers, and financially sustainable. 

Your generous extra pennies (non-tax deductible) will help us with the huge expense of a move and will help ensure there is still a Pocket Sandwich Theatre.  We appreciate any help that we can get. Stay tuned for updates!!




Would you like to help with a check? Thank you!  5400 E. Mockingbird Lane, #119

Dallas, Texas  75206