Friday night, April 23:


Schitt$ Creek

Hey Jazzagals and Guys! Check into the classy Pocket Sandwich Cafe Tropical for some seriously fun and tricky trivia. Get ready to be up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle if you don’t pick the right team! Or if you’re “trying very hard not to connect with people right now” you could always try your hand alone. Prizes, food, drinks (flute line, anyone?) and games are in store, and don’t worry, there will be no open mic!


It will be a fun, safe night of eating, drinking, friendly competition and goodies as you test your knowledge of all things Schitt$ Creek! Come dressed as your favorite Creek character for the costume contest. Be extreme...ewww...David!  Hosted by Pocket Alum, Lindsey Yarborough & Jake Shanahan.

Tickets are $15, with discounts for students and groups of 4 or more. Order your tickets by team size to ensure sitting together.

All sales are final.

Doors open at 6:45 for seating, food and drink. The fun starts at 8:00. Limited seating and safety measures in place, check them out HERE. Masks still required when not at your table.  Tickets are available NOW!  Don't be like Alexis...Hustle, hustle!