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LIve Onstage at The Pocket

Thursdays thru Sundays

April 30 - June 19

July 9 - August 28


The aging Transylvanian bloodsucker has found new life in the Old West, and where else but Tombstone! He meets sweet young things, cowboys, Indians, and Frankenstein's daughter. Holy Vampire! It's guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!​


Alas, NO Popcorn Yet  (boo...hiss...)

We are very dedicated to the safety of staff, cast and patrons.  Thus, in the interest of continued public safety  we are not making or tossing popcorn quite yet.  We have a few other tricks and fun stuff up our sleeves. You're still guaranteed a grand 'ol time! 


Soon, in the very near future, probably Mid-July, we will bring back our traditional melodramatic style and be able to popcorn pummel again.

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