Still hanging on by the skin of our teeth!  We have been closed since March 15 due to this dastardly virus in our midst.  Boo-Hiss!!  As our stage remains dark and the popcorn machine gathers dust, actors, crew, and staff have been forced to take jobs making novelty face masks that look like Karl Malden and other celebrities who millennials never even knew existed. Almost sounds like the start of a melodrama, doesn’t it? We are attempting to change 40 years of old habits to adapt to the new forced ones.  Below are some ways you can help us while we help you to have fun! 

History of Pocket Sandwich Theatre

Sunday, August 9th at 7:00pm central

a LIVE YouTube event

 Goofball Cabaret Unmasked

With the New York Goofballs




Coming soon!

Purchase a PST sponsorship for a digital copy of the famed melodrama The Legend of DeadEye Mary.  Or choose a DVD/MP4 gift bag for a special back to school treat for the kiddos or, even better, their teacher!  Get the popcorn ready, it's melodrama time whenever you wish in the comfort of your own home!



Due to current, constantly changing circumstances, Pocket Sandwich Theatre has had to make changes to our show calendar. Just like every other small business, we are struggling to adjust daily to directives issued by our local, state and federal government.  Our #1 priority is the health and safety of our audience, staff, and artists.

​OOH...AAH...HURRAH...DRAT!!! Curses, foiled again! This dastardly virus is causing us to postpone again and we have moved forward again into September, if we can safely do so. Yes, the uncertainty is driving us crazy, too.DEFINITIVE DATES TO BE DETERMINED ON WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS OR IS GOING ON CLOSER TO THE DATES. 


Another of the Pocket’s infamous audience-participation comedy spoofs.  BOO-HISS-Can't throw popcorn right now but we have a couple other tricks up our sleeves! Monstrous things occur as monstrous creatures appear in the swampy Everglades to prey on the unfortunate inhabitants of Muskeg County, Florida.